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The 21st Century Human Resources Department

Changes in Human Resources

There have been a lot of changes over the years in the field of Human Resources. It does not seem as though these changes are expected to diminish any time soon. Some changes like automation of processes are progressive and helpful while others like outsourcing of tasks and functions can have a negative impact on both future and current employees.

Applying for a job or the processes involved in maintaining a person’s current employment can all be significantly affected by the outsourcing of different components of the Human Resources department. There are many tasks and functions in human resources that have been outsourced and include payroll, benefits processing, recruiting, training and development, among others.

Here are some of ways outsourcing has affected today’s Human Resources department:

  • If the outsourcing is outside the United States or a different time zone within the United States; there can sometimes be problems of interfacing and coordinating departments and actions in real time.
  • Sometimes based on the company’s profitability; the United States human resources department’s manpower is reduced but the tasks and responsibilities are not.
  • Some troubleshooting and problem solving might take longer than necessary because of the physical distance between departments and personnel.
  • For current employees, the task of resolving grievances, obtaining advice and guidance, obtaining and maintaining proper training, or other day-to-day realities might become more complicated and frustrating.

Smaller companies may still keep all Human Resource operations under one roof. But for the larger corporations, the times when the Human Resources department that is located in the front of the building handled everything is has technically gone out of style.

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Job Seekers… Get my “Prepared” E-book and ACE your next interview!

 Patrina King, The Human Resource Presents “Prepared”

Download it FREE here:

This e-workbook will walk you through the necessary steps to help prepare for a job interview. However, it is a little different from the average workbook.
“Prepared” will not only assist with interviewing techniques but it will also help you get to know yourself so that the interview will be more conversational. After completing this workbook, you will be clear on your objectives and confident of your abilities to explain how you will add value to any organization.

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Are you ready for your next career move?

Is it your time?

Need help with any portion of your career search or career development? I have your answer! I have teamed up with other Human Resource Professionals to develop a few personal career coaching packages.

All packages include personal coaching from experienced Professionals. Please contact us to get started! or 678-861-4183

Package A: Interview

Price: $125

  • Intake Assessment
  • Job search strategies and use of targeted resources
  • Resume Review and/or re-write
  • Live interview exercises
  • Cover Letter creation and/or re-write
  • 3 follow-up sessions
  • Business Card design with QR code
  • Email/Phone support
Package B: Vision
Price: $85
  • Interest Assessment
  • Self-Assessment (Transferable skills, core competencies, etc)
  • Complete Career Development profile (personality preferences, interests, values and skills)
  • Career Map
  • 2 follow-up sessions
  • Email/Phone support
Package C: Breakthrough
Price: $65
  • Intake Session (Current status)
  • 3 Formal Assessments (Personality, Time Management, and Stress Profile)
  • Self-Assessment (Career Values, Transferable Skills, etc)
  • 4 follow-up sessions
  • Email/Phone support
Package D: Job Search
Price: $35
  • Assessment
  • Strategy session
  • Business Card design
  • 3 Weekly phone calls to measure progress
High School Package: Ages 14 and Up
Price: $75
  • Identify personality preference and interest
  • Personalized Career/College path development
  • Research assignments
  • 4 follow-up sessions to measure progress
Be Recruited Sports Package: Ages 14 and Up
The Be Recruited Sports Package can be customized. Please contact us for pricing.
  • Complete High School Package plus:
  • Athlete Profile with photos
  • Specific college contact information/admission requirements
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Atlanta Mayor’s Youth Program

This weekend, I continued my tradition of teaching youth about job readiness with the Mayor’s Youth Program in Atlanta. It was a little bitter-sweet this time because the youth had the opportunity to experience one form of a background ground check, drug testing. Each child was drug tested and there were some that didn’t get to continue on with the program. I think the exposure to it was great, but I can’t help but feel “something” about the ones that were turned away. Although I do alot of speaking to youth about background checks, I feel the need to invest a little more time, energy and resources into making my message LOUDER. On the more positive side, they now know how serious of a matter this is. Enjoy your day everyone!


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Issues with Time To Offer And Acceptance (TTOA) of Employment

Some issues with Time To Offer And Acceptance (TTOA)

The wait time between when a job offer is made and when a candidate is given confirmation of acceptance varies by company. Many recruiters and hiring managers strive to reduce this time to a more satisfactory time frame.

However, there are many factors that are hindering the reduction of this time frame and they include factors such as:

  • Automated or manual system: There are several steps to follow in the selection process; if the company uses mainly paper processes, then this could cause the time between offer and acceptance to be longer than intended.
  • Chain of command: Depending on all the persons needed to make final approval; contacting them all and waiting for their approval might take longer than anticipated.
  • Change of status or profile: A simple change in the applicant’s application status or profile could result in delays. Some changes can be made automatically while others require a review.
  • Ease of operating automated systems: Not all software is straightforward and user friendly. A glitch in the system or even operator error can sometimes be cause for delays.
  • Candidate’s consideration time: The time given to the candidate to consider the offer and make a counteroffer will impact the offer and acceptance time frame.
  • Real time or historical metrics: Data that is accessible in real time will make for quicker decision making than historical metrics. The availability of real time metrics could be a matter of finances for the hiring company.

In closing, yes there are ways to streamline this process certain processes to decrease TTOA. However, with so many working components that move simultaneously, this will more than likely continue to be a work in progress.

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My interview with People you need to know Magazine

Listen to me talk about the top 5 things employers should know about background checks. Also, what employees should be mindful of when using social media.


Listen to internet radio with Spark Plug n Jackie on Blog Talk Radio
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CAREER Magazine & Patrina King, THR

Join me as I celebrate our new partnership with CAREER Magazine (a Publication), you can catch our new column “CAREER BRANDING GEN Y” in the August issue of CM which drops August 25, 2012.  We’re so excited about this partnership and we invite you to become subscribers of CAREER Magazine so that you too can live better, know better and do better in the areas of employment and entrepreneurship!

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My first article for the Lawrenceville Examiner where I “mildly” talk about how your perception can affect your profession

Employees must take on a personal responsibility in their current position and make every effort to maintain customers. Although employers don’t always make it apparent, each individual employee has the ability to help increase the company’s bottom line.

This, in return, helps with job security. If more employees would adopt the mentality of “good employees are critical to the success of any business,” we would probably celebrate more promotions than layoffs.

Your perception

Just because employers don’t constantly remind you of the affects lost customers have on their business, doesn’t mean the company is not negatively impacted by each and every lost sale. Think about how many times you visited a restaurant and decided to go somewhere else because the service was not as good as you wanted it to be. Now imagine yourself as an employee in that restaurant and every customer that left without making a purchase resulted in $5 out of your paycheck.

Does this change your view of the lost sale? Does this affect your bottom line? Of course it does.

Referring back to the old saying “One’s perception becomes their reality,” you want to make sure your perception is in line to increase your chances of a rewarding reality. Don’t view your place of employment as a time-passer that pays you, but more like a career partner. You should assist as much as possible with advancing the company’s mission while continuing to increase your career net worth.

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July 5, 2013

“I may not be the first and hopefully not the last, but I plan to be one of the best.” ~Patrina King~

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