Business Golf Mastery Coaching

This 9-Month, 1-on-1 Business Golf Mastery Coaching is a comprehensive and intensive program designed to help individuals achieve significant personal and professional growth within a nine-month timeframe. This program is specifically tailored for ambitious individuals who are determined to incorporate golf into their everyday lives, careers, and businesses. This program is a combination of virtual and in-person sessions. Therefore, no matter the place of residence or business, this program can work for you. 

The Go Bigger program tailors coaching sessions to suit each individual’s unique needs, recognizing that different people have different strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. However, the key features of the program includes:

Golf Instruction: Participants receive comprehensive golf training from experienced golf coaches. You will learn various aspects of the game, including swing mechanics, short game, putting, course management, and mental techniques to improve their performance on the golf course.

Business Coaching: In addition to golf skills, the program provides business coaching sessions to discuss strategies, goal setting, leadership, team management, communication skills, networking, and other aspects that can benefit your professional endeavors.

Personalized Coaching: Each participant will receive personalized attention and coaching tailored to your specific needs and objectives, both in golf and business aspects.

Networking Opportunities: You will be introduced to other like-minded professionals and potential business partners during the program.

Golf Events and Tournaments: Throughout the nine-month duration, you will have the opportunity to participate in golf events and tournaments with me by your side, putting your newly acquired skills to the test while enjoying friendly competition.

Accountability and Progress Tracking: Regular progress assessments and goal check-ins to ensure you stay accountable for your personal and professional growth.

Mastermind Sessions: Group discussions with your team of coaches to foster a supportive learning community.

Access to Resources: The program will provide access to additional resources, such as reading materials, online courses, or industry-specific workshops, to further enhance business knowledge and skills.

Ongoing Support: This coaching relationship will extend beyond the nine-month period, with the option for continued support and access to events and networking opportunities.

The Go Bigger 9-Month Business Golf Mastery Coaching is a transformational experience designed to unlock an individual’s full potential, providing them with the tools, mindset, and support needed to achieve significant growth and success in their chosen endeavors. In addition to the training, you will get the following bonuses: 

  • Full set of brand new golf clubs
  • Golf accessories
  • A “Go Bigger Now” golf polo
  • Golf branding photo shoot 
  • Golf getaway trip with like-minded Business Golfers
  • A separate networking group for Go Bigger Alumni to ensure we goal alignment and momentum. 



Billed upon approval of registration

3rd Party Financing Available


The program starts with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session where we identify barriers and set goals. We will then match you with the right coaches that will work alongside me to assist you in reaching your goals.

Once we have selected your team of coaches, we will develop a customized program just for you. 

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What can a Business Golf Coach help you with?

A Business Golf Coach (me) is a professional who offers guidance, support, and expertise to individuals or entrepreneurs looking to improve their business performance and achieve their golf goals.

The top 10 areas you can expect help you with are: 

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Problem-Solving
  4. Time Management
  5. Decision Making
  6. Accountability
  7. Personal Development
  8. Transition and Growth
  9. Work-Life Balance
  10. Networking and Relationship Building

Your Business Golf Journey starts here! 

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