Some Golfers Thrive on Competition

Sure, some golfers succeed with a laid-back, relaxed attitude, but when it comes to the countdown on Sunday afternoon, it’s the one with the strong competitive spirit who is there at the end. I, myself, can go either way. I sometimes like to compete, and sometimes I like to be relaxed. But I do have what they call the “competitive spirit”.

The “competitive spirit”, is what makes a player push themselves beyond his or her own abilities and physical limits to continue against all odds. Players with the “competitive spirit” have a burning desire to play and win at whatever sport they have chosen and golf is no exception.
Equally important is a strong will to win, but more important is a strong will to prepare to win. In any sport, preparation is the key to winning. You must be better prepared than any one of your opponents, and use that preparation to your advantage.

With golf it is the practice, study of the course in advance of a game, knowing which iron to use for which shot and putting practice. All of these are important parts of preparation. Without preparation in golf, there is no chance of winning.

Here are a four essentials to winning:
* Practice every chance you have, and even create chances to practice.
* Practice and study your swing,
* Have a well-developed strategy
* Keep an attitude of success and confidence

And remember… play YOUR game. You are not Tiger Woods or Chip Beck. So develop and play your own game.

Patrina King
Golf Women Mean Business
Founder, CEO

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