Performing Under Extreme Pressure

The skills taught to clients which have been developed by psychologists for people in boardrooms, and all other stressful situations apply equally well on the golf course. The pressure of playing a competitive round of golf continues to mount and the amateur and frequently the professional golfer feels it. As the pressure mounts for a golfer, they often see their chance to win going out the window as they become more and more anxious.

It is necessary to learn techniques that allow you to put the past behind you and stay in the moment of the current shot. There are certain techniques to help avoid choking and slumping, which are two of the key problems in golf. A good player will develop her own techniques to help her break out of a slump if she finds herself in one.

As a golfer you must realize that getting into a slump is as certain as the sun coming up tomorrow, it happens to all of us sometime in our career. Learning to ride out the slumps in your game will go a long way towards elevating your game, thus creating consistency day after day.


  • The first thing you need to learn is to dismiss bad breaks, and continue with our game regardless of the situation we find ourselves in (wanting desperately to beat the showoff is one of those situations).
  • Practice letting them go and moving on to the rest of the hole or the next round.
  • Learn to desensitize yourself to mistakes and adversities that you have little or no control over.
  • Even though it is harder to learn desensitization, it has a lot more potential as it allows us to reduce pressure rather than allowing it to build.
  • Learn to focus on the positive aspects of your game, focusing on the negative guarantees a loss for you.

I hope this helps as you continue to progress in your game.

Until next time.

-Patrina King

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