Patrina to be a panelist for the Atlanta Area Council of the American Business Women Association



Highlights from Patrina’s responses regarding “Negotiations & Sales”:


Q: What advice would you give someone that needs to sell but hates being a salesperson?

A: People in business MUST sell. Those that hate being the salesperson is normally uncomfortable with rejections. Those people are uncomfortable with rejections because they normally  personalize the situation. Or, have had bad experiences with people trying to sell them products or services that they had absolutely no interest in buying.

Don’t look at the situation as selling a product, or even making money off of the prospect. Look at it as fulfilling a need. Get comfortable with the full scale of your offerings, as well as what you can and cannot offer. AND WHO you would like to offer your product to. When you are comfortable with your offerings, the sales pitch becomes more like a conversation.

So think of selling as not being selling at all. It’s fulfilling a need that your prospect has been looking to get fulfilled for a very long time. They just didn’t know you offered it.


Q: What is key to CLOSING the sale?

A: Prospects expect you to ask for the sale. Some sales people never ask. They never ask for a commitment.

  • Ask for the sale
  • Call for a decision
  • Get a commitment from the prospect


Q: What advice would you give someone that is uncomfortable in selling?

A: Preparation and Confidence is key in obtaining sales because the potential customer has to feel comfortable with you. People do not buy from sales professionals, they buy from experts. Understand your offerings and know when to ask for the sale.

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