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Playing golf is a basic requirement for most people who are apart of corporate America.  Each year more and more men and women want to learn the game of golf or improve their games.  Even for someone who have been playing for years, it sometimes require that they return to the basics to become a better player – at any sport.

Tip for 3/28/2018

4 Ways Women can “Hold Their Own” with those Long Hitting Men

Let’s face it, with the technology in golf clubs, golf balls, strength training and nutrition, guys are hitting the ball 300 plus yards on a regular basis. But, the fact remains that when you are on the golf course, you are walking (or riding) with a bag of tools. It is just a matter of using the right tool for task at hand.

Here are 4 ways to “hold your own” on the golf course:

  1. Ignore his distance

Accept the fact the he hits the ball 50 to 60 yards past you.  If you accept the fact that distance doesn’t matter, you will have another psychological advantage.  What difference does it make if he is hitting a pitching wedge and you are hitting a 7 iron for your second shot?  Golf is all about getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes, not how you got the ball in the fewest strokes.

  1. Hit it straight

Nothing gets inside a long hitter’s head faster than a fairway hitting opponent. Many of the long hitters are not the most accurate drivers of the golf ball. So keep hitting the fairway as much as possible. If you must use a hybrid club or an iron off the tee to keep the ball in the fairway, do it! The mental edge of hitting the fairway outweighs the loss of distance.

  1. Hit the green

Most, if not all, of the time you will be hitting first. Keep them on their toes by hitting the green. If he knows you are looking at birdie putts all day, it WILL start to wear on him. 🙂

  1. Have a good short game

The short game is the true equalizer on the golf course.  If you have a sharp short game you can compete against almost any golfer.

The pride of the long hitter’s game is hitting it long. So the fact that you can compete with him without having to hit the 300-yard drives is already an advantage in your favor if you choose to look at it that way. As a shorter hitter you should focus on playing YOUR game with the tools that work for YOU.


Tip for 3/21/2018

Should you take lessons from a Golf Professional?

The natural answer is yes. But your budget and expectations will be the deciding factor here. Golf lessons CAN be expensive but they don’t have to be. You will just need to determine the type of lessons that will work best for you and your goals. Individual lessons with a golf pro are focused on the needs of the individual and are normally more expensive. Group lessons with a golf pro are great for to those who are budget conscious. These lessons have multiple people in one session and they all learn together. Seeing other people make the same mistakes you are making can help everyone progress together and the training fun for beginners. 

Another affordable way to take lessons is to purchase one of the many training programs available on video and even YouTube. Many seasoned golfers use these programs to work on their game and new golfers can learn at their own pace.

With whatever you choose, you will find that lessons will raise the standard and your understanding of your game quickly.

Let me know if you need a referral to a golf pro in your area. I’m here to help.

-Patrina King 


Tip for 2/28/2018

Are Those The Right Golf Clubs For You?

What kind of golf clubs are you playing with these days? Are they the golf clubs that you should have chosen? Really? Do you even know? There are many kinds of golf clubs out there and if you did not check them all out before you made your final decision, you have no way of knowing if you chose correctly.

Purchasing golf clubs is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing that you will ever have to do when it comes to playing golf. Your golf game is going to depend on the golf clubs that you choose to play with. Your swing is everything to your game and without the right golf clubs you will not be able to swing to your full potential.

When choosing the right golf clubs, you need to take a good look at the shaft. The flexibility of the shaft of any golf club is going to tell you a lot about the club. Not everyone is comfortable with the same amount of flexibility and you need to find the golf clubs that you are the most comfortable with. Try out many different flexibility levels to see what suits you the best. The golf stores will let you do this and while you are there, get your swing measured. This will help you to find the best possible golf clubs for your golf game. Even if you plan to buy them for less online you can still visit a golf store to see how the golf clubs feel in your hands. I recommend everyone do this before they commit to any particular golf clubs.

Your ability in golf will have a direct bearing on your choice of golf clubs as well. There are golf clubs that are made for those just beginning to play golf and golf clubs made for pros. If you are just starting to play the game and you are not even sure that you are going to like it yet, then you do not want to go out and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your golf clubs. What if you end up hating it? It is a far better idea to start out in a more affordable price range with your first golf clubs.

Different golf clubs have different lengths and not all lengths suit all golfers. You need to check out the different lengths to see which will suit your body and your game the best. In most cases, a standard length is the way to go. But short people and tall people will need a different length when it comes to their golf clubs. You do not want to have to bend in order to hit the ball, the length of your golf clubs is another essential aspect to a good golf game.

So… those old clubs that your dad, uncle, or brother gave you may not be the clubs for YOU. But they are definitely worth swinging a few times to find out.

-Patrina King

Founder & CEO, Golf Women Mean Business


Tip for 2/14/2018

Golf Balls: What Type Should You Buy?

Have you ever walked into your local golf store to get some golf balls? At first, it may seem like the easiest task at hand as you walk from your car, through the parking lot, and into the store. You’re just there to pick up some good old golf balls for your game later. You pass a nice looking golf shirt, some golf shoes, and then you see them. The shelves… upon shelves… upon shelves of golf balls that seem to stare blankly at you. They all seem to be screaming at the same time: Long distance, more spin, more control, hi-spin, raw distance fusion. “Raw distance fusion?” you ask yourself.

Ok, time out! It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. No, the golf ball world does not want to make you have a panic attack before you even get out on the green! But, it is no question that buying golf balls, even for some experienced golfers, can be a tad bit confusing. Let’s take a closer look at the basic types of golf balls on the market today and perhaps this will help you in your next endeavor into the store!

Golf Galaxy provides an easy way to learn more and shop for golf balls right from your computer. Check out some of their recommendations on buying golf balls:

To choose the best golf ball, think about the areas of your game where a slight improvement could lead to lower scores. Skilled golfers may want to focus on finesse shots around the green. Better pitches and chips could be the key to consistently breaking 80. What type of shot do you tend to hit when you’re 40 yards out? If you like to stop the ball on a dime, a high-spin, multi-piece ball will give you the added control you crave. But, if you prefer to roll the ball at the pin with a chip-and-run, spin will be slightly less important.

If you are a beginner or high-handicapper, your primary concern is probably hitting the ball straight. Low-spin, distance golf balls are designed to reduce the sidespin that exaggerates slices and hooks, and they can help produce longer, straighter drives. Because you’re still learning control around the green, a low-spin ball will serve you just fine.


Professionals and frequent golfers benefit from the additional layers found on Tour balls – they generate low spin off the driver for longer distance and higher spin on approach shots for shot-stopping and shaping control. The softer cover material, urethane, provides the enhanced feel and highest greenside spin for more challenging shots.


Performance golf balls offer many of the features found in Tour balls, but they are better suited for players with moderate swing speeds. The mantle layer helps regulate spin rate off the tee without sacrificing stopping power around the green. These golf balls are great all-around performers that you can trust to meet your needs.


Soft feel is often synonymous with low compression. Low compression allows for more deformation at impact, reducing spin and translating to straighter, longer flight on low-lofted clubs. The prolonged contact on short irons and wedges results in softer feel.


Two-piece golf balls are also known as distance balls. Featuring a firmer cover, distance golf balls resist cuts on both poor strikes and contact with harder surfaces. The larger center core supports maximum distance while minimizing spin and movement.


Women’s golf balls typically feature a two-piece construction made for slower swing speeds, providing added distance, durability and control. If you are a beginner, recreational player or have a slower swing speed, consider these golf balls.


High-visibility golf balls provide bold style and superior visibility on the course. Popular solid colors include yellow, orange, pink and green. Options like Truvis from Callaway® offer a multi-colored pattern designed specifically to maximize your view of the ball for better focus and visibility.

Once you find the golf ball that is right for you, the only thing you will have to get nervous about is whether or not you should buy one case or two of them!


Tip for 2/7/2018

A Good Golf Bag is important

Few things are more important to a golfer than a good golf bag. First off, golf bags come in many styles and a wide variety of colors. You can choose a bag for style, features or pick a color to match your mood.

Some have legs that fold out when they are placed on the ground and stand upright so the golfer doesn’t have to bend down and pick it up. That’s a nice feature in golf bags, especially if the golfer tends to walk the course, as many do. There is plenty of bending to be done when a golfer is trying to remove an obstacle from around his or her ball, or to get the ball out of the cup, so any way to avoid bending over is more than appreciated.

All golf bags have compartments where the golf clubs are to be placed. Each golfer has his or her own way of doing this and putting clubs where he or she wants them. Some golfers, though, are lazy and just stick their clubs in the compartments, grabbing whichever one they want when a particular club is needed. But, some golf bags have tubes to protect the club grips. With the tubes, a golfer can get his or her clubs out easier. The clubs are never tangled up, and the grips last a lot longer.

Another important factor in choosing a golf bag is the number of pockets it has. Frankly, there’s no such thing as too many pockets in a golf bag. First, one of the pockets will be used to hold the golf bag’s hood. The hood is used to keep the clubs and bag from getting drenched when it rains. Another pocket will be used to keep extra towels (believe it or not, extra towels are important in the summer to keep the sweat off the brow and out of the eyes, along with keeping the hands relatively dry. Then, there is the pocket used for keeping the extra golf tees and possibly the divot tool. Finally, a pocket is needed for the golf balls themselves, and it doesn’t hurt to have a pocket to carry another dozen balls in, just in case.

Imagine trying to play golf without a bag. The golfer would be constantly stooping over picking up clubs, tees, balls, towels and the divot tool. Then he or she would have to walk to the ball, drop everything, select a club, hit the ball, and start the process all over again. It would be a major pain in the neck and would make it nearly impossible to finish playing a round of golf. So, golf bags are an essential part of the game of golf.


Tip for 1/17/2018

Grip, stance and posture are the fundamental physical factors that affect your swing and where the ball eventually lands. If you want to become a proficient golfer, it is important to learn these fundamental physical factors.

Grip, stance and posture are affected by the actions of your feet, legs and knees, hips and shoulders, hands and wrist and arms. Each of these separate motions and actions can be learned through video teaching, by learning from a pro, by watching the pros and through books.  Although it’s best to learn in person, you work with what you have.

If you are looking for a fun and efficient way to learn how to play golf, Golf Women Mean Business is your answer!

Golf Women Mean Business offers a 3-Day Golf Intensive Retreat for women looking to learn how to play golf for business over a weekend! This training is only for women looking to build authentic relationships, learn how to play golf, and have fun doing it.

Hear from our last year participants >>>

Women join us from all over the country and leave inspired. Space is limited to 10 women, so if you are interested, RSVP soon!

See you next Wednesday!


Tip for 1/3/2018

Golf is really a game where you are competing against yourself, your past scores, and your ability to incorporate knowledge and skill. It’s because of this unique thing called a “Handicapping System” you can enjoy a game of golf with friends, family, relatives and relative strangers without matching their skill level.

Some golfers may not WANT to play with you because your skill level may be too high or too low. But golf CAN be played competitively with golfers from almost any level using the Handicap System.

See you next Wednesday!  


Tip for 12/27/2017

The word “divot” refers to two different things on the golf course. In this instance, a divot is the top layer of grass that is sliced off and sent flying as your club enters the ground. This results in the scar that is left in the fairway. There are two ways of repairing divots. One if the fill the divot with sand or a sand-and-seed mixture; the other is to retrieve the grass/sod patch that was sliced off and put back in place. Most golf courses provide sand for the repair of divots on every golf cart. Once you’ve filled the divot, use your foot to smooth out the sand. And you’re done! Such a simple thing to do, yet it helps the golf course heal.

Tip for 12/20/2017

Many Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. A good start would be to study the techniques of great players by watching video on the Internet. Just watching their the stance, swing and approach will allow you to understand some of the mistakes you may be making. 


When searching for a player to watch, find someone with a similar body build as yourself. The placement of the hips, arms, hands and shoulders may vary based body structure. So if you are tall and lean, attempting to mimic a player with a shorter and bulkier structure may end in very different results. 


Tip for 12/13/2017

Realistically, a golf bag and all the tools it’s filled with are an expensive proposition. So before committing yourself to paying top dollar for brand new equipment, try borrowing from a friend or family member who is already invested in the sport. Most seasoned golfers have a set of golf clubs they’ve ‘outgrown’ and usually wouldn’t mind parting with them for a few short weeks. Using their clubs will help you figure out if this is a game you’re willing to invest in and stick with.


Tip for 11/29/2017

Most or all beginners will benefit greatly from a few good lessons from a pro.  You’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of the playing the game and you’ll be able to improve your game more quickly.  When expense is a challenge you can look into adult education at your local High School or Community College.  Or you may find that your local golf course offers group lessons.

Tip for 11/22/2017

Start off at the driving range a few times before attempting to play a game.  You’ll be thankful that you can hit the ball further than 2 feet in front of you and so will the people playing behind you.

Tip for 11/15/2017

As with any sport, the quickest and most effective way to improve your game is to study the players with similar body types are you have and practice, practice more, then practice some more.  Practice develops your skill and technique while experience improves your judgment and ability.  You need both in order to improve your game



Check back next Wednesday for a new Golf Tip for Beginners!

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