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Playing golf is a basic requirement for most people who are apart of corporate America.  Each year more and more men and women want to learn the game of golf or improve their games.  Even for someone who have been playing for years, it sometimes require that they return to the basics to become a better player – at any sport.


Tip for 1/17/2018

Grip, stance and posture are the fundamental physical factors that affect your swing and where the ball eventually lands. If you want to become a proficient golfer, it is important to learn these fundamental physical factors.

Grip, stance and posture are affected by the actions of your feet, legs and knees, hips and shoulders, hands and wrist and arms. Each of these separate motions and actions can be learned through video teaching, by learning from a pro, by watching the pros and through books.  Although it’s best to learn in person, you work with what you have.

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Tip for 1/3/2018

Golf is really a game where you are competing against yourself, your past scores, and your ability to incorporate knowledge and skill. It’s because of this unique thing called a “Handicapping System” you can enjoy a game of golf with friends, family, relatives and relative strangers without matching their skill level.

Some golfers may not WANT to play with you because your skill level may be too high or too low. But golf CAN be played competitively with golfers from almost any level using the Handicap System.

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Tip for 12/27/2017

The word “divot” refers to two different things on the golf course. In this instance, a divot is the top layer of grass that is sliced off and sent flying as your club enters the ground. This results in the scar that is left in the fairway. There are two ways of repairing divots. One if the fill the divot with sand or a sand-and-seed mixture; the other is to retrieve the grass/sod patch that was sliced off and put back in place. Most golf courses provide sand for the repair of divots on every golf cart. Once you’ve filled the divot, use your foot to smooth out the sand. And you’re done! Such a simple thing to do, yet it helps the golf course heal.

Tip for 12/20/2017

Many Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. A good start would be to study the techniques of great players by watching video on the Internet. Just watching their the stance, swing and approach will allow you to understand some of the mistakes you may be making. 


When searching for a player to watch, find someone with a similar body build as yourself. The placement of the hips, arms, hands and shoulders may vary based body structure. So if you are tall and lean, attempting to mimic a player with a shorter and bulkier structure may end in very different results. 


Tip for 12/13/2017

Realistically, a golf bag and all the tools it’s filled with are an expensive proposition. So before committing yourself to paying top dollar for brand new equipment, try borrowing from a friend or family member who is already invested in the sport. Most seasoned golfers have a set of golf clubs they’ve ‘outgrown’ and usually wouldn’t mind parting with them for a few short weeks. Using their clubs will help you figure out if this is a game you’re willing to invest in and stick with.


Tip for 11/29/2017

Most or all beginners will benefit greatly from a few good lessons from a pro.  You’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of the playing the game and you’ll be able to improve your game more quickly.  When expense is a challenge you can look into adult education at your local High School or Community College.  Or you may find that your local golf course offers group lessons.

Tip for 11/22/2017

Start off at the driving range a few times before attempting to play a game.  You’ll be thankful that you can hit the ball further than 2 feet in front of you and so will the people playing behind you.

Tip for 11/15/2017

As with any sport, the quickest and most effective way to improve your game is to study the players with similar body types are you have and practice, practice more, then practice some more.  Practice develops your skill and technique while experience improves your judgment and ability.  You need both in order to improve your game



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